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Company Overview

Concurrence is a process design and implementation company.

The company was formed with the goal of addressing the following challenges:

Creating process solutions quickly
  • Solutions often take a many months to design and implement.
Creating process solutions at a predictable cost
  • Solution owners are often faced with highly uncertain cost commitments when implementing process solutions.
Creating "simple" process solutions that are robust and flexible.
  • Implementers typically have to choose between designing simple process solutions, and complex process solutions. The former are typically quick to build and test, but restrict the flow of events and may be fragile. The latter can handle a large variety of events and are unrestrictive in the flow of events, but are typically expensive and time-consuming to construct.

Many companies and consulting organizations may justifiably make similar claims to be working towards achieving these goals on behalf of their clients. What sets Concurrence apart, we believe, is our combination of innovative process architectures, our ability to model and analyze the behavior of processes, and our knowledgebase of business process patterns.

Concurrence currently has one full-time employee and several contributors with specialized skills who participate on a part-time basis.

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